The Edmonton Theatre


‘The Theatric Tourist’ published in 1805 includes a reference to the Edmonton Theatre ”which is a barn recently erected.”

A print of the theatre shows a small, obviously purpose-built theatre standing gable-end to the road. The view of its side wall reveals it to have been a timber-framed structure with a stone or, more likely, stucco front, with a classic porch and where an upper window suggests the presence of a gallery.

edt_b004This local theatre did not find favour with the Trustees of the Girls Charity School, Edmonton as recorded in the minutes of a meeting held on 2nd July 1804; “if any girl belonging to this school shall on any pretext whatsoever, visit the Edmonton Theatre, she will be immediately dismissed.”

The Edmonton Theatre, whose manager at this time was named Osborne, was used by a small company of players who also performed at Woolwich, Enfield, Epping, Barnet or any village in the vicinity of London.

The Edmonton Theatre had a short life and it had disappeared by 1825.


Created by Art Start working with year 6 pupils from St John & St James Primary School