The Empire Music Hall


The Edmonton Empire was built as a music hall in 1908 and was the venue for Marie Lloyd’s last performance in 1922. It was rebuilt internally in 1933 to be a cinema. It was situated on the east side of New Road towards the south end and many people knew New Road as “Empire Hill”.

In 1951 it became the Granada but like many others entered a period of decline and ended up housing wrestling and bingo before being closed in 1968 and demolished in 1970. The Wurlitzer 3 manual, 10 rank organ is now in St Albans Organ Museum.


Matilda Alice Victoria Wood (12 February 1870 – 7 October 1922) was an English music hall singer, best known as Marie Lloyd. Her ability to add lewdness to the most innocent of lyrics led to frequent clashes with the then guardians of morality. Her performances articulated disappointments of life, especially for working-class women.

On 4 October 1922 she was appearing at the Empire Music Hall, Edmonton. During the last song in her act I’m One of the Ruins That Cromwell Knocked About a Bit, she staggered about on the stage. The audience laughed delightedly when she fell, thinking it was all part of the act. However, she was desperately ill, and died three days later on 7 October.

Created by Art Start working with year 6 pupils from St. Edmunds Roman Catholic Primary School